Be Encouraged is today’s Christian cutting-edge answer to positive media with a Kingdom focus! Be Encouraged is a Christian Living Magazine dedicated to discussing God, Family and Life! Founded in 2012, Be Encouraged began as a monthly newsletter publication with readership spanning the U.S.  As a result of ever-increasing need to have positive, uplifting and encouraging media, Be Encouraged was expanded in 2015 to a full magazine publication.




GOD| Bringing the Word of God to the forefront of today’s viewpoints, each month the “God” section focuses on scripture text and real-time application for today’s Christian.

FAMILY| God’s first institution, “Family” is highlighted each month with topics, ideas and trends being faced by families professing Christ. This section is designed to encourage parents and children to remember that serving God is not an ancient art.

LIFE|In our “Life” section, readers are introduced to influential leaders, entrepreneurs and entertainers living their life out-loud for God.